Employers and insurers in Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri trust the Workers’ Compensation Practice Group of Baylor Evnen Wolfe & Tannehill, LLP, because we are simply unrivaled in terms of experience, expertise and resources.

From our dedication to training our clients, to handling claims from the very beginning through trial or hearing and the highest appellate level, to our involvement in the state legislative process, to our collaboration with our Employment Law Practice Group, how we comprehensively protect the interests of employers and insurers is unmatched.

Our clients include numerous insurers and all types and sizes of employers in Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri, both public and private. Our clients include the smallest businesses to multi-state and multi-national corporations, across a wide range of industries, including trucking and freight carriers, supermarket chains, school districts, city governments, hospitals, assisted care facilities, meatpacking plants, manufacturers, covered and non-covered agricultural businesses, the hospitality industry, and much more.  Regardless of the industry or the size of the client, we will treat them with the priority they deserve.

Since 1913, our attorneys have been leaders in every aspect of Nebraska’s workers’ compensation law.  For over a century, we have been at the forefront of changing and improving Nebraska’s workers’ compensation system, from drafting substantial amounts of legislation on behalf of employer and insurer groups, to leading the opposition to legislation that increases the cost of workers’ compensation in Nebraska, and overall playing a leading role in rule changes made by the Court.

As evidence of that, Baylor Evnen Wolfe & Tannehill, LLP is a founding member of Nebraskans for Workers’ Compensation Equity and Fairness, a nonprofit advocacy organization for employers and insurers, and we continue to lead that organization. We are also a founding member of ALFA International and its workers’ compensation practice group, in which our attorneys continue serving in key leadership positions.

Our attorneys are leaders of the Workers’ Compensation Association of Nebraska and the Nebraska Safety Council, multiple Baylor Evnen Wolfe & Tannehill attorneys have served as Chair of the Nebraska Bar Association workers’ compensation section, and one of our attorneys has been officially inducted as a Fellow in the College of Workers’ Compensation Lawyers.

The Workers’ Compensation Practice Group has taken its dedication to Nebraska workers’ compensation and applied that commitment to Iowa and Missouri workers’ compensation as well. As we have done in Nebraska, the Practice Group has implemented the same excellence, devotion and resources to representing employers and insurers throughout Iowa as well as in Missouri.

We are proud of our proven leadership, but we are even more proud of our client results and the real-world application of our collective experience.  We know how to quickly identify the most strategic, efficient path to success. We are able to be exceptionally innovative and creative in our approach to solutions.

We are aggressive, responsive and detailed, and expertly navigate the entire workers’ compensation ecosystem, including ensuring our responsiveness to claims handlers and employer representatives. When claims go beyond just an employer’s workers’ compensation liability, our firm has the related labor and employment or in-house medical expertise to ensure a seamless and swift experience.

And most of all, our experience enables us to contain your costs because we know how to get the right answer faster, intelligently allocating work to the right cost resource in our firm.

We also believe in giving back. In addition to the leadership which we provide to the different industry groups, we are a founding member of the Nebraska Symposium Committee which created and hosts the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Symposium, and we help plan the Iowa Workers’ Compensation Symposium. What we take most pride in is the fact that in 2013, our attorneys led the effort to form Kids’ Chance of Nebraska, a nonprofit organization, the mission of which is to raise money and award scholarships to children of employees who are significantly disabled or killed on the job.