Each year, Baylor Evnen Wolfe & Tannehill, LLP has the pleasure of working with intelligent, proactive, and talented law students. Through our internal clerkship program, we strive to support and assist in the development of law students as they begin their careers.

Each law clerk is given the opportunity to learn and grow through attorney supervised projects throughout the summer. Please meet the Baylor Evnen Wolfe & Tannehill, LLP 2023 law clerks!

Meet Adam Barrett

ABOUT ME | I just finished my second year of law school at the University of Nebraska College of Law.  I had a somewhat unconventional route to law school, spending ten years working as an insurance claims adjuster and supervisor before deciding to take the plunge and go to law school.  This is my second year clerking for Baylor Evnen Wolfe & Tannehill, and I can’t imagine a better place to work.

PRACTICE AREA INTEREST(S) | I am eager to get experience in medical malpractice defense.  Medical malpractice is one area that intrigued me as a claims adjuster, though I never had much exposure to it.  Since Baylor Evnen merged in 2023 with Wolfe Snowden to make Baylor Evnen Wolfe & Tannehill, we now have a more robust practice group for medical malpractice that affords me the opportunity.

WHY AN ATTORNEY | I want to be involved in promoting the right outcomes in a complicated legal field.

LECTURE HALL TO THE OFFICE | The law should serve as a medium to deliver the most sensible outcome.  Sometimes, however, it takes a surprising amount of creativity just to get to the legal outcome that everyone already knows is right.

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO AT BAYLOR EVNEN WOLFE & TANNEHILL, LLP | With my previous career in the same field, I most look forward to working with claims handlers.

FUN FACTS | I have three amazing children that motivate me to take the plunge into goals that seemed impossible.  I know they can achieve anything they want to and just maybe I can, too.  On a lighter note, I am a superfan of The Office, and I struggle not to throw out quotes from the show all day long.

Meet Cameron Azimi

ABOUT ME | I am a proud, born-and-raised Lincolnite. After graduating from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, I broke my stint in Nebraska by attending the American University Washington College of Law in Washington, DC, where I just finished my 2L year.

PRACTICE AREA INTEREST(S) | With my prior legal experience being purely academic, I am excited to simply work and learn in a firm atmosphere. All areas of law interest me, but transactional law has particularly piqued my interest in the last year.

WHY AN ATTORNEY | I decided that I wanted to go to law school when I was a junior in high school. The more I watched the news, the more I realized how much the law impacts every aspect of our lives. I was motivated by a sense of civic duty, which has developed into respect for the consequential role of lawyers as stewards of the law.

LECTURE HALL TO THE OFFICE | Throughout law school, I have learned to be comfortable with not knowing something, and then be excited about learning about it. Innate curiosity, combined with the legal research and writing skills acquired in law school, has primed me for the work that I will do this summer.

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO AT BAYLOR EVNEN WOLFE & TANNEHILL, LLP | I am looking forward to being exposed to BEWT’s variety of practice areas. The firm has grown and its service capabilities have grown along with it. This exciting era in the firm’s history promises to provide clerks like me unparalleled opportunities to learn something new every day about litigation work, transactional work, and everything in between.


Meet Faith Kowalski

ABOUT ME | I am from Kearney, Nebraska. I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Nebraska-Kearney. Additionally, I just completed my 2L year at the University of Nebraska College of Law. In my free time, I enjoy running, playing tennis, and spending time with friends and family.

PRACTICE AREA INTEREST(S) | I am excited to learn more about BEWT’s transactional practice areas – estate planning, real estate, business matters, etc. I have taken and enjoyed several transactional-focused classes this past year and can’t wait to continue working on these types of projects.

WHY AN ATTORNEY | While at UNK, I had a great opportunity to complete an internship in the Legal Department for Buckle, Inc. I enjoyed working on various legal projects for the company, as well as helping serve store managers and their teams. Becoming a lawyer allows me to serve others in multiple capacities, so I chose to attend law school to expand on my experiences from my internship.

LECTURE HALL TO THE OFFICE | All of my classes and extracurricular activities have focused on developing the ability to communicate efficiently and effectively, which is a skill that I can continue to utilize in my work this summer.

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO AT BAYLOR EVNEN WOLFE & TANNEHILL, LLP | I am most looking forward to continuing to learn and gain experience from all the great attorneys and staff at BEWT, which will elevate the remainder of my legal education.

Meet Ashly Helfrich

ABOUT ME | I’m from Bennington, NE and I just completed my second year of law school. At school, I’m involved in the Student Bar Association and was the Mental Health Committee Chair last year. I went to the University of Nebraska-Kearney for my undergrad. (Go Lopes!) In my free time, I enjoy traveling, finding new spots and activities in Lincoln, and am trying to get back into reading for fun.

PRACTICE AREA INTEREST(S) | I plan to focus in on litigation, as I have taken several litigation skills classes in school and enjoy getting to advocate for someone. I also really like alternative dispute resolution, like mediation and arbitration. Cases involving medical damages or injuries, such as medical malpractice and workers’ compensation are especially interesting to me.

WHY AN ATTORNEY | I have always wanted to advocate for people in whatever they are going through. Attorneys see their clients at times when they may be stressed, worried, or needing advice. I will have the opportunity as an attorney to help guide clients throughout their case and help them feel more comfortable with the process.

LECTURE HALL TO THE OFFICE | I’ve learned that making connections with those around you can be some of the most beneficial work you do. As a law student, getting to know my classmates gives me the chance to learn from them and helps me grow personally, and I believe that working with the attorneys and staff at BEWT will give me that same chance to learn. Being a law clerk is the best opportunity to expand my knowledge so that I can apply it when I go into practice!

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO AT BAYLOR EVNEN WOLFE & TANNEHILL, LLP | I am looking forward to getting to learn from some of the most talented attorneys in the state and work on more hands-on projects! Being invited to attend hearings, depositions, and other types of meetings will help broaden my knowledge in how to effectively work with clients and solve questions that come up in legal practice.

Meet Dantae Knudson

ABOUT ME | I am originally from Tioga, North Dakota. I completed my undergraduate degree at North Dakota State University where I majored in Political Science and Criminal Justice. I recently completed my 1L year at the University of Nebraska College of Law. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and dog.

PRACTICE AREA INTEREST(S) | I am very excited to learn more about the areas of law that I have yet to take courses on. Particularly, I am incredibly interested in workers’ compensation and obtaining a better understanding of the interrelationship between workers’ compensation and employment law.

WHY AN ATTORNEY | I wanted a career where I could help others, while simultaneously engage in an intellectual challenge that would allow for me to expand my knowledge and education.

LECTURE HALL TO THE OFFICE | I learned how to communicate more effectively both in my writing and in person. Additionally, I have learned that embracing the unknown can be both inspiring and motivating. I believe that this will be an important mindset to have as a law clerk because there will be many times that I am tasked with something new.

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO AT BAYLOR EVNEN WOLFE & TANNEHILL, LLP | I am most looking forward to gaining experience in the variety of practice areas and expanding my legal education. I am extremely excited to learn from the great attorneys here.

Meet Melanie Miller

ABOUT ME | I am originally from Lakeville, Minnesota. I just finished my 1L year at the University of Nebraska College of Law. I love playing soccer and have been recently getting into running in my free time.

PRACTICE AREA INTEREST(S) | I’m particularly interested in workers’ compensation. It is a new area of law that I haven’t had much exposure to. However, I’m truly excited to get a taste of all the practice areas at Baylor Evnen Wolfe & Tannehill.

WHY AN ATTORNEY | Through a career in the law, I feel that I will be able to best utilize my strengths while truly enjoying what I do. I love the constant learning that the legal world requires, while also being challenged every day.

LECTURE HALL TO THE OFFICE | The Legal Analysis, Writing, and Research class that I took will likely be the most helpful to me during my time as a law clerk. Through this course, I learned how to write a legal brief, write a memorandum, and research case law. This will be very helpful this summer as I begin working on projects at Baylor Evnen Wolfe & Tannehill.

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO AT BAYLOR EVNEN WOLFE & TANNEHILL, LLP | I’m really looking forward to learning as much as I can from all of the amazing attorneys at Baylor Evnen Wolfe & Tannehill. It’s such a privilege to be surrounded by so much knowledge and talent every day at the office. I’m also eager to gain more experience with real-world issues.

FUN FACTS | In undergrad, I took an entomology class that I absolutely loved. As part of the course requirements, each student had to catch and identify several different insects. Finding and identifying cool insects continues to be super fascinating to me.